dimap - The Institute for Market and Political Research

dimap is one of the leading opinion research institutes in the Federal Republic of Germany. Many years of experience in opinion and political research makes us a partner for methods and solution concepts in the field of socio-scientific research.

Besides traditional survey methods such as face-to-face and telephone interviews, dimap relies on a combination of intelligent information and control mechanisms. Special emphasis is given to potential analyses and the use of microgeographic analysis systems.

Since 1996 Infratest-dimap, a Berlin-based subsidiary of TNS-Infratest (Munich) and dimap (Bonn), is the exclusive partner of the no1 public television in Germany, ARD, for all surveys and election nights.

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Election Night Tv Graphics

Exit Poll

The animated computer graphics broadcasted nationwide by ARD are developed and generated by the dimap software team.

For Infratest dimap, the joint company of dimap and Infratest.