Just some examples:

  • The European Union in Public Opinion
  • Economic Growth, Innovation and Social Reforms
  • Cultural Identity and Social Integration of Foreigners Living in Germany
  • The Telecommunications Market in Germany
  • Specialist Information and Information Research in Law Firms
  • The German Labour Market under Scrutiny
  • Japanese Executives' Image of Germany
  • Charitable Foundations in Germany
  • Religion – Politics - Society
  • Evaluation of a Media Offering by the Professional Associations
  • Life Goals and Life Plans in Germany
  • Social Values and Liberalism
  • Power Relationships between the Economy, Politics and Media
  • Image and Service Profile of the Professional Associations

Election Night Tv Graphics

Possible Coalitions

The animated computer graphics broadcasted nationwide by ARD are developed and generated by the dimap software team.

For Infratest dimap, the joint company of dimap and Infratest.